Permian Basin
Denver-Julesburg Basin 

After divesting ourselves of our original Land Services business, Acoma Energy is committed to developing the 9,000 gross acres it has leased with our drilling partners in each area. With strong footholds in Glasscock, Reagan, Andrews and Gaines County, TX Acoma is poised to see exponential growth through our core assets located in each of these counties. 

Acoma will continue to focus on compiling drilling prospects, buying minerals and royalty interests and partnering with choice operators to ensure the acreage we source and prove up is developed to its fullest potential not only for our Working Interest return but also for the mineral owners whom lease their acreage to us.

As Acoma Energy generally takes on only a Non-Operated position in our projects we are extremely careful and particular in who we partner with when making the decision to move forward and develop a prospect.
Acoma intends to spend all of 2014 and 2015 in the Permian Basin situated in West Texas chasing and developing conventional oil rich structures.

As of June of 2014, Acoma Energy and its partners have drilled and completed 11 horizontal and vertical oil wells situated in Glasscock and Andrews Counties and are set to drill and complete another 7 in 2014, alone. The outlook for 2015 Is also just as bright with at least a dozen additional wells slated for spud and completion.

With a successful track record and a fluid understanding of the Basin, we feel we are in a dynamic position to increase our Working Interest position to a significant level. Active counties:

Andrews, TX
Ector, TX
Gaines, TX
Glasscock, TX
Reagan, TX
Howard, TX
Reeves, TX 
Our goal in the Niobrara is to continue to purchase and retain producing and non-producing mineral interests as well as continue to build our leasehold position in certain areas of the Basin. After acquiring almost 5,000NMA of fee minerals and almost 600NMAs of leasehold, Acoma has plans to double our mineral interest purchasing and triple our leasehold acquisition.

Our mineral purchasing program has given mineral owners an opportunity to monetize an asset that would otherwise take years to produce significant revenue streams (if any at all) which has made Acoma a favorite for Sellers to turn to in efforts to make the monetization a reality. With the appetite for another 5,000NMA; Acoma is poised to become one of the largest “non-legacy” mineral owners in the entire Basin.

Obtaining Leasehold will be the remainder of our focus as drilling and completing wells alongside the prudent and skilled operators in the area have already provided a significant return to Acoma. With a goal of obtaining at least 2,000NMAs of leasehold in the Basin; Acoma will be positioned to ensure the working capital deployed will be de-risked and spread across several prime locations in the Niobrara-Codell play. Our Active Counties:

Adams, CO
Logan, CO
Morgan, CO
Weld, CO

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Appalachian Basin
As of October 2013 AED Group now has a presence in the Marcellus Shale play located in the northeastern part of the US and is actively buying royalty and mineral interests in this area. Acoma Energy in prepared to deploy an additional $5MM of additional capital to this area on top of the $1MM that has already been spent since our entrance in to the play. Mineral owners are experiencing a much simpler and much more professional transaction with Acoma Energy which in turn has made us a ‘go-to’ when it comes to liquidating mineral interests.

To discuss your interests or get more information on the project please contact Director of Acquisitions, Ian Lang at 720-420-4700 or​
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